FRIDAY 1st – SUNDAY 3rd November 2019, Oxford

The weekend will be based in Oxford, with rehearsals at St. Michael’s, Summertown, and the concert at St. Barnabas, Jericho.

We shall start rehearsing at 15h00 on Friday 1st, continuing through until 21h00, with an evening break when you will hve time to buy and eat sandwiches from the local shops. There will be a short AGM at some time in the evening.

Saturday rehearsals will start at 09h30 and go through until 18h00, with a break for lunch. A dinner will be arranged for the evening.

The Sunday morning rehearsal will start at 10h00 in the church hall of St. Michael’s. We shall restart after lunch at 13h30 in St. Barnabas, continuing through until the concert, which will start at 16h00. There will be a place to change in the church.

The programme will include:

  • Frank Martin – Mass for Double Choir
  • Ildebrando Pizzetti – Missa di Requiem
  • James MacMillan – Lux Aeterna

Using this Dropbox link

you will find the Voice Distribution. Scores of the music will be provided at the weekend itself, unless you have advised the Librarian that you have your own copies. Meanwhile the folder includes working copies of the music for your personal use in advance.

JJ has provided the following notes as clarification of the Pizzetti voice distribution:

Where SATB divide I suggest we use the 1st and 2nd distribution as in the div of Martin. (e.g. S2 is all sopranos that sing 2 in both choirs) Example: Tilman sings II-1 in Martin, so he’s a 1st bass in Pizzetti when the basses split. When only the tenors split he and David Till can join T2 (see Dies irae)
Pizzetti:1. Requiem:SATBarB
2. Dies irae:figure 11-18: S2AT2(+ Tilman + David Till)Bfigure 18-end (Martin distribution S1st S2nd A1st A2nd T1st T2nd B1st B2nd)
3. Sanctus: as indicated in the voice distribution. example: Tilman sings in B2 in Choir 2.
4. Agnus Dei:SATB undivided 
5. Libera me:as part 1. Requiem SATBarB

The subscription for the weekend has yet to be determined. The cost of hiring venues in Oxford has increased in the last couple of years, and it may be necessary to reflect this in the cost of participation.

Further details of the weekend will be added as they are determined.